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Are BareMinerals Shutting Down? The Truth Behind The Rumours

Bare Minerals Shutting Down?

Ever wondered about what’s happening with BareMinerals, ME TOO! Let’s dive in! But first….

How Did Bare Minerals Get Started?

Launched in the mid-90s, BareMinerals rose to fame through its clean and natural beauty pledge. It stood out among the mainstream makeup brands, placing a strong emphasis on ingredients that wouldn’t harm the skin. At its heart, the brand is dedicated to creating products that are as good for your skin as they are beautiful to wear. 

Starting with their innovative, mineral-based foundations, they stirred up the cosmetics industry, gaining a devout following from beauty enthusiasts who appreciated the brand’s agenda of promoting skin health. This archaeology of ‘less is more’ allowed the company to gain a significant amount of popularity, causing consumers both in the United States and around the globe to reconsider their beauty routines and question the ingredients inside their product jars. 

Are Bare Minerals Shutting Down?

The pioneering groundwork BareMinerals laid down has inspired a slew of competitors, including heavy-hitters like Beautycounter, NYX Professional Makeup, Milk Makeup, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, and ColorBar Cosmetics. Despite this heightened competition, BareMinerals remains a favorite, holding its ground with a variety of products such as mascaras, foundation, lip gloss, anti-aging cream, lip brushes, and acne gels.

The Rumors Swirling Around BareMinerals

Those murmurs that you’ve been hearing, speculating about whether BareMinerals is closing its doors, we’re here to put your worries to rest. You’ll be relieved to know: BareMinerals is not going out of business. These rumors have been making the rounds on various social media platforms and beauty forums, causing a sense of panic among the brand’s loyal customers.

BareMinerals, a power player in the skin-friendly beauty industry since 1995, continues to thrive, rolling out exciting product lines that attract a broad audience. The company’s vast range of offerings include everything from mascaras, foundations, and lip glosses to anti-aging creams, lip brushes, and acne gels. 

Are Bare Minerals Shutting Down? Why are Bare Minerals Out of Stock?

BareMinerals is a part of some of the most coveted beauty advent calendars, including one that boasts an impressive £775 worth of free makeup and anti-aging skincare products. The brand shares the spotlight with other big names like Jo Malone, Olaplex, and Benefit. Unwrapping the advent calendar, you’ll find some of BareMinerals’ beloved products nestled next to luxury items from Sunday Riley, VERDEN, and Philip Kingsley. 

Furthermore, BareMinerals has the strong backing of key investors, including the renowned Shiseido Company. This adds to the brand’s credibility and all but ensures a robust presence in the beauty world for years to come. The company’s overarching mission, encapsulated in the phrase “The Power of Good”, epitomizes its commitment to delivering high-quality products that are both effective and skin-friendly. 

In the fiercely competitive beauty sector, BareMinerals stands tall thanks to its unrivaled blend of quality, affordability, and dedication to skin care. Rivalry with brands like BeautycounterNYX Professional MakeupMilk MakeupIredale Mineral Cosmetics, and ColorBar Cosmetics only keeps BareMinerals on its toes, continuously innovating and enhancing its product lineup.All signs point to a thriving future for this beloved brand, so rest easy— BareMinerals isn’t going anywhere.

Analyzing the Current State of BareMinerals

Let’s first delve into BareMinerals’ recent developments. Recognizing that sustainability is becoming a mantra in the beauty industry, BareMinerals has initiated significant efforts to match this evolving trend. Not too long ago, they rolled out a new range of bottles and jars adroitly crafted from post-consumer recycled materials. This move signifies their concerted dedication to ecological responsibility. Evidently, BareMinerals understands the importance of sustainability in their brand value and image. 

Broadening their market scope, BareMinerals has also shifted its focus towards skincare, not just color cosmetics. This strategic move depicts the brand’s ability to identify opportunities and adapt quickly, staying ahead of the curve. You might also be intrigued to know that BareMinerals has a broad spectrum of products including mascaras, foundation, lip gloss, anti-aging cream, lip brushes, and acne gels. No wonder, beauty fans are continually entranced by their spectacular offers, like the advent calendar packed with £775-worth of free makeup and anti-ageing skincare products. 

Bare Minerals Makeup

Now, let’s look into a crucial turning point in BareMinerals history. The brand was recently acquired by Orveon Global from Shiseido Americas in a move that signaled game-changing possibilities. This came alongside two other significant brands,Laura Mercier and Buxom, known for focusing on color cosmetics and an expanding Plump Shot Collagen-Infused Lip Serum line respectively. Orveon’s overarching goal? To metamorphose these brands into sustainable face care experts. Undeniably, this development carries immense potential and is eagerly awaited by beauty enthusiasts and sustainability advocates alike. 

With a thriving product range and a strategic move into sustainability and more skincare-centric products, BareMinerals seems to be in a solid state.However, they are not without rivals. Brands like BeautycounterNYX Professional MakeupMilk MakeupIredale Mineral Cosmetics, and ColorBar Cosmetics, are all competitors vying for the same market slice. Could this competition bring BareMinerals down? Or will their strategic shifts and dedication to sustainability ensure their market presence? At this point, only time can tell.

BareMinerals Out of Stock: Supply Chain Woes or a Sign of Bigger Issues?

Noticing your favorite BareMinerals shades flying off the shelves a bit too quickly? Well, you’re not alone. This brand’s beloved products are seemingly getting harder to locate, spurring concerns among loyal users. So, what’s really happening? Is it a case of supply chain struggles or indicative of larger problems beneath the surface? 

Like many other industries, the beauty sector is not immune to pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions. In fact, they’ve been hit pretty hard. Transport interruption, raw material scarcity, and employee safety measures have formed a storm, making it challenging to maintain the usual flow of cosmetics, including your favorite BareMinerals hues. 

However, it seems that the out-of-stock situations we’re seeing aren’t entirely a supply chain issue. Remember, BareMinerals is shifting focus. Yes, they’re moving more into skincare. That could mean less emphasis on some, if not all, of their color cosmetic lines. Plus, let’s not forget Orveon Global’s exciting deal with Shiseido Americas to acquire BareMinerals along with Laura Mercier and Buxom, adding another layer to this unusual situation. 

Orveon Global
Who Are Orveon Global?

The new leadership under Orveon is steering these brands towards a more sustainable, cleaner future. With BareMinerals, Orveon is working on turning over the product assortment to clean, sustainable products. The revamp has already begun, extending from innovative pipelines to global footprints since the deal closed last December. So, expect some of your go-to items to be possibly replaced or reimagined in line with this fresh vision. 

In short, BareMinerals isn’t merely facing supply chain troubles. Instead, it’s in the midst of a transformative journey spearheaded by its new owners. Therefore, the scarcity you’re experiencing is likely a blend of transitory supply chain hassles and a conscious corporate shuffling of priorities to push the brand into a clean, sustainable skincare future.

Is BareMinerals Really Shutting Down?

It’s understandable that as consumers, you may become concerned when seeing your favorite BareMinerals products continually out of stock or when you come across whispers of the brand going out of business. However, it’s important to understand that companies often go through periods of fluctuation and adjustment, and that doesn’t necessarily signal a company’s demise. 

In fact, BareMinerals is not shutting down, but undergoing a transformation. After being acquired by Orveon Global, the brand has been making changes to its product lineup and strategy. Part of these changes involves a shift towards creating clean, sustainable products, which may be leading to some of the supply chain hiccups you’re seeing. These changes affect everything, from production timelines to product availability, but they are temporary.

While the change in leadership and strategic direction might give rise to uncertainty, it’s ultimately a sign of innovation and growth. The company’s expanded focus into skincare and the introduction of new eco-friendly bottles and jars are proof of the brand’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and to its loyal customer base. It’s all part of BareMinerals’ efforts to remain competitive and relevant in a fast-paced market that includes other key players like Beautycounter, NYX Professional Makeup, Milk Makeup, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, and ColorBar Cosmetics.

So, rest assured, BareMinerals isn’t going anywhere. It’s simply evolving to better meet the needs of consumers like you, ensuring it remains a reliable option for beauty and skincare products.

Who’s at the Helm? The New Leadership of BareMinerals

Considerably, the leadership change is worth noting as a huge influence on the operational features and future aspirations of BareMinerals. The newly executive team at Orveon Global includes résumés peppered with prestigious industry names; it notably comprises of Diane Kim, Salima Popatia, and Laurent Mialhe. These industry veterans hail from the likes of Este Lauder, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

With such a team now driving the direction of BareMinerals and their other brands, it’s clear that there’s operational competency along with strategic goals that align well with current industry trends. As an organization, Orveon Global is steering towards sustainable beauty and skincare, with a particular emphasis on developing as face care experts. 

What does this mean for BareMinerals? With the thrust towards sustainability, BareMinerals has already introduced new packaging: cases and jars made from post-consumer recycled materials. This not only serves as a nod to environmental consciousness, but it also aligns with many consumers’ increasingly eco-friendly demands. 

Moving forward under this leadership, it appears BareMinerals could potentially be focusing more on skincare products. This shift would make sense strategically, as it aligns with the wider vision of Orveon Global. At the same time, their sister brands would continue to tackle other market segments. We can note that Laura Mercier focuses on color cosmetics, while Buxom is escalating its efforts with the Plump Shot Collagen-Infused Lip Serum line. 

Through these strategic shifts and the backing of an experienced leadership team, BareMinerals is certainly equipped to navigate the challenging and competitive landscape of the beauty industry. After all, its competitors include names like Beautycounter, NYX Professional Makeup, Milk Makeup, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, and ColorBar Cosmetics. However, the signs suggest that BareMinerals is approaching these challenges head-on and is nourished for future growth.

Who are Orveon Global?

If you’re not yet familiar with Orveon Global, let’s take a deeper dive into this transformative asset management company. Orveon Global is a private company that specializes in acquiring and nurturing beauty brands. Their mission statement, “The Power of Good,” reflects their commitment to fostering a positive impact within the industry, both ethically and sustainably. 

Orveon Global has achieved its initial prominence in the beauty sphere with the acquisition of three premium beauty brands – Laura Mercier, Buxom, and your favourite, BareMinerals, an acquisition that took place on December 6, 2021. The acquisition – worth a cool $700 million – symbolizes a significant step for Orveon Global, infusing their brand portfolio with a catalogue of trusted names in beauty. 

Spearheading the journey towards greener cosmetics and skincare, they are currently working on revamping these three brands’ product assortments. They are directing their focus toward clean and sustainable products, aligning with the mounting consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of their lives, including their beauty routines. Their efforts weren’t confined to product collection alone; they have since overhauled everything from innovation pipelines to global footprints. 

Are Bare Minerals shutting down?

Under the astute leadership of CEO Pascal Houdayer, along with a commendable executive team of Este Lauder veterans including Diane Kim, Salima Popatia, and Laurent Mialhe, Orveon Global aims to become the face of sustainable beauty care. They are not just reaching for sustainability within their product range, but also by undertaking an awe-inspiring corporate sustainability project centered around water conservation. 

In essence, Orveon Global isn’t just another cosmetics company; it’s a forward-thinking entity striving to bring about a significant positive shift in the beauty universe. Their interest in BareMinerals isn’t just about profit; it’s about creating a more sustainable, ethical future for the beauty industry.


As we vet through the swirl of rumors, it’s crucial to remember that BareMinerals remains a game-changing staple in the cosmetic industry since its foundation in 1995.  Enduring its fair share of trials and tribulations, the company continuously brings a spirit of reinvention and commitment to their empowering mission, The Power of Good.

Overcoming temporary stock shortages and embracing business transformation under the new leadership, BareMinerals shows us that adaptability is vital for survival. And let’s not overlook the private company’s noteworthy shift toward a more sustainable future. Orveon Global, BareMinerals’ newest guiding force, marks a promising chapter in the brand’s journey. Their work in corporate sustainability, particularly in conserving water and introducing eco-friendly packaging, denotes a significant elevation in the face of modern consumer demands. The fact that they are focusing their efforts on transforming BareMinerals’ product range into clean, sustainable products deserves applause. 

So, is BareMinerals going out of business or just gearing up for an exciting future brimming with sustainable practices and innovative products? The latter seems to hold the truth. 

We eagerly await to witness the ongoing evolution of BareMinerals under the banner of Orveon Global, proving that the company is not just surviving, but thriving in its own, sustainable way. Stay tuned to the brand’s journey towards becoming the face care experts it aims to be!

Are Minerals Shutting Down?

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